Press releases prior to August 2023 are from EIP Pharma, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of CervoMed, Inc.

With incorporation of key learnings, Phase 2b has >95% (approaching 100%) statistical power  to meet its primary endpoint: change in Clinical Dementia Rating Sum-of-Boxes (CDR-SB) vs. placebo  New data included in the presentation show that in patients without Alzheimer's-related co-pathology,
October 25, 2023
Shares of CervoMed to commence trading on Nasdaq under new ticker symbol "CRVO" on August 17, 2023 CervoMed will be focused on advancing oral stress kinase inhibitor neflamapimod for the treatment of dementia with Lewy bodies and other degenerative diseases of the brain CervoMed has a cash runway
August 16, 2023